Clients in customer network
Product titles
Years of experience
Expert in Sales of Instruments
Over 60,000 companies in our customer-sales network (based on 2014).

Focus on Quality and Safety

  • strict quality management policies,
  • long after-sales service
  • consistent quality standards (ISO 9001, 14001) for warehousing inspection and durable packaging

1st E-Mall of Instruments in Korea
Since 1996, Sechang Instruments has built trust by offering high quality products that are reliable and safe.

Knowledge-driven Customer-centric Approach
We provide timely information on changes in the instrument market and competitive deals on the products.

“It’s always fun working with Sechang Instruments.
It is a company made up of dedicated, young and dynamic staff. The people from the sales team are true PROfessionals with high level understanding of the market through expert approach in market research, development and other marketing activities.”
“If you give a suggestion related to work with Sechang, the people there are so passionate that they instantly convert an advice to an action and then strive to show the results.”